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DIY Horn Mount

I am looking to mount a few set of horns I have.  The local guy charges about $100 to do a set of horns and to be honest, I really think its cheaply done.  There used to be a gentlemen in our club that did them on the side.  He charged us about $20 to do them.  Said he enjoyed it and was just making a little supply money.  Seems like he told me one time that he used plaster paris and some other stuff.  It was really nicely done.  No rope, glue or coverese seems.  Any ideas?  Thanks for your help in advance. 

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Panel mount


I have done them for two different taxidermists and yes you use the plaster paris, but for the rest you usually use a good piece of leather and there will be two seams, one behind each antler. Then you take some leather strips and make braids to cover the seams, and yes, you hot glue them on.


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If you want to do an antler

If you want to do an antler mount like the one with a leather bound skull and antlers coming out of a wood panel. You could just get a do it yourself kit from somewhere like van dikes, and if you're woried about screwing it up you can just go onto youtube and look a video of how to do an antler mount. I know there is a good video that shows you how to do it in clear steps. Hope it turns out into a nice showroom peice.

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