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DIY Elk Hunting Adventure

Good morning all -

I am planning an Elk hunt next October with my brother and two good friends. The list of questions is huge right now but we are slowly pulling things together.

My first question is has anyone had bad experiences leaving their base camps unattended for extended periods of time? The idea of leaving several thousands of dollars worth of vehicles, trailer, and equipment is something we have not had to do before as we hunt manly day hunts or our private land near home.

Related to this I am not sure how much effort/money to invest in a base camp when the majority of the hunt will be tent based in the wilderness. Other than less limited creature comforts (food, water supply, etc..) is there a big need here?

Any thoughts/comments are appreciated.

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DIY Elk Hunting Adventure

Welcome to BGH!
There are occasional thefts around camp, but it is pretty rare and it has never happened to me. If you're going to be camping in the backcountry, there is no point in having a base camp, unless you plan to actually return to it and camp from that point. And I don't know why you would.

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DIY Elk Hunting Adventure

It's a risk we all take but in short most people aren't too eager stealing from hunting camps when people with guns could come around the corner any minute. If you do a day hunt then a base camp will be fine. If you're hunting in the back country forget the base camp and just lock your vehicle at a trailhead and you shouldn't have any issues. Like ex said it happens but your vehicle is generally safer in the mountains than parked on a street any major city in the US. Most criminals don't have 4WD. Thumbs up

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DIY Elk Hunting Adventure

Thanks for the replies.
I was thinking that the criminal element probably would not be out at a trail head somewhere but wanted to see what others had experienced.

Once again, Thanks.

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