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DIY cow elk hunt - Which state? MT, WY,or CO

Hello!! I am knew to this forum but have been viewing it for quite sometime. It seems to a top notch forum.

I'm an avid deer hunter and want to look at doing a DIY cow hunt. I have hunted WY and SD for whitetails and am interested now in doing a cow hunt. Not sure which state to even consider at this point. I am looking at the three states listed above. I have talked to a few guys back home here and have been told lots of different things. Everything from DIY on public, to doing a drop camp, to doing a guided hunt.

I have hunted in national and state forests back home here in MN but nothing in the mountains out west. I am hoping to get some feedback from anyone on what I should be considering in dong a DIY cow elk hunt. Its kind of confusing as far as some areas/states where you need to apply to be drawn, other areas you don't. Then there is landowner tags that I am not that up on.

I know it takes more work planning out a hunt than the actual hunt sometimes takes but i am willing to work at this as it is something I really want to do here in the near future. So.....any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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DIY cow elk hunt - Which state? MT, WY,or CO

Come to Utah. The elk hunting is great right now. DIY elk hunts are a blast. If you like archery Utah has pre rut archery elk hunting on a hunters choice for a spike or cow. Then if you are lucky you can also draw a cow permit in the antlerless draw. If you like hunting mule deer put in for a archery deer permit and you can hunt deer and hunters choice elk at the same time. PM me and I will help you with your hunt planning.

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DIY cow elk hunt - Which state? MT, WY,or CO

You've picked the states with the most opportunity, so good job on that. Adding Idaho to your list might not be a bad idea. If you are archery hunting, you typically have a much better chance at getting a tag and the hunting is better as far as I am concerned.

Archery or rifle?

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DIY cow elk hunt - Which state? MT, WY,or CO


Each states DOW website is a wealth of information. Look at it again and again. There is so much to see including density maps/ stats.....If you put the time in to doing research it will pay off in a rewarding hunt that gets you on elk every day. Of course I'm a bias bowhunter from CO.

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