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This is what my Lyman Great planes Rifle will do with patched round ball at 100 yrds. The one in the bull dosent count I just reused a target.

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200 yards. Aim a couple inches over its back at that distance.

Powerbelts are extremely soft lead bullets, they will mushroom with ease so remember this if the shots are close range, under 100 yards. Never take a shoulder shot with the 245/100gr combo.

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What FrontierGander said is very true, my son in law lost a bull that he shot at 15 steps 3 years back. we tracked him for 7 hours that was about 6 miles. he hit him hard on the shoulder but had no pinitration.

I called pb they told me to go to platinum aerotips for elk, and tompson center told me not to shoot less than 280gr out of my encore, by going to the 300gr I made my groops tighter and the platinums worked well on two elk that my groop and I took in 08. Good pinitration and good expansion.

My encore is 2" high at 100 yards so that puts it 4" low at 200. That keeps it in the zone on elk every time if I do my part.