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Dispelling the Crossbow Myth (feature article)

January 2008 Feature Article:

Dispelling the Crossbow Myth

Crossbows have always been controversial. Nobles have outlawed their ownership; provinces and states have restricted or forbid their use; bowhunting organizations have decried them as unsporting. So what is it about this hunting tool that induces such strong opinions? Why do some bowhunters sneer at the very mention of the word? Read more...

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Dispelling the Crossbow Myth (feature article)

I have always thought that cross bow were cheating. You have the short rang of the bow but you use it and shoot it like a gun. I think that it is a good idea that they can't be used by able body person for bow hunting. I have nothing against them being used in the gun season. I feel that you should use a bow when bow hunting.
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Dispelling the Crossbow Myth (feature article)

A modern compound bow with a mechanical release is also "shot" like a gun. The only difference between it and the crossbow is that the crossbow is cocked. You do have to draw and hold a compound bow. Not much else is different.

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Dispelling the Crossbow Myth

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Steve your bolt is dead on correct. I've hunted with longbow and compound bows for years. Two years ago I started having shoulder problems and I am no longer able to hunt with the recurve or compound bows. So I purchase a crossbow and to my great surprise I fine it as difficult and challenging as the pull type longbows. The weight, width, and trajectory of the crossbow makes shooting in the field very challenging. If you haven’t used a crossbow in the field then please try it and reframe from those negative opinions. Your argument is pointless and worthless Until you have learned to shoot and hunt with a crossbow in the field..

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