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Discovery Channel looking for Hunters!

From Original Productions (The Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers, The Colony) comes a groundbreaking new project that explores what would happen to a group of individuals thrown together by circumstance, and left to their own resourcefulness. Casting Directors are currently seeking resourceful, ambitious, ingenious individuals who possess the skills required to build a homestead. The participants will live together on a remote piece of land in the Alaskan wilderness. Relying on their combined skills, twelve men and women will collectively build a homestead in the Alaskan frontier to prove their ingenuity, and be the last man standing.The reigning craftsman will be given the title to the homestead.  Here, they will re-imagine their lives, and have the chance at a new life.  


For more information, log on to www.metalflowersmedia.com or email hilary@metalflowersmedia.com

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Now that sounds cool!

I watch these other shows - the colony - Top SHot etc and think "I could do that better than they are." this one looks like somehing that would be easy enough if they have the usual cast of misfits that don't belong there.  It would be hard if you are matched up against an old sourdough but matched against the usual divas and wannabees, yeah - we could do that.  I am almost tempted - but I doubt there is any way that my wife would approve of me moving in with a half dozen women under any circumstances.....!

But I gotta admit, it is half tempting to apply and pick up some real estate to hunt from for the rest of my life!!!  I wonder how many acres are being offered?


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Funny, isn't it Mike?  We all

Funny, isn't it Mike?  We all see those shows and say the same thing.  Probably different if we actually got selected though. Wink

I commented on the other thread about this.  Looks like a great way to get out there, see the wilderness, and make a little challenge out of it.  Alaska can be humbling, so it should be an interesting show. You should go for it Mike.  We'd all love to see someone we know out there on the Discovery channel some day.