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Discounted dall sheep hunt/alaska

This is a ten day dall sheep hunt that will take place between Sept.11-20th this fall. Hunter needs to fly in to Anchorage on the 10th and all travel and food is covered from the time of pickup at hotel of your choosing. This is a backpack sheep hunt in GMU 13D and is an across the counter tag. Cost of the hunt is $7500 down from $11,500. Brown bear may be taken on a trophy fee of $5500 and we see them often. Only extra fee on this hunt is $750 for a packer if you want one but routinly do these hunts 1X1. If you think you want to take a brown bear on the trophy fee I highly recommend getting a packer.
This is a designated walkin area only and no flying or pack animals are allowed in the area during the hunt season. Obviously this is a tough hunt so be advised that you need to be in good shape and are expected to carry a backpack of about 40 lbs. plus your rifle. This is as fair chase as it gets!
You can upgrade this hunt to an Alaska Range fly out/supercub supported hunt for an additional $3000 and take a grizzly on a trophy fee of $4500.
Hope this is a clear post and if you have questions fire away and I'll do my best to get back to you asap but I am doing alot of scouting right now for the upcoming sheep season so will be in and out but will do my best to respond.
Contact me via email.

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