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Re: Disarming America

Well after our Fearless Leaders Nuke Summit meeting today, they allowed our reporters to ask the Great one "Obama" some questions and the first one asked said how can we trust these other countrys to follow and disarm and his response was they take this seriously.
I believe he is just letting the rest of the countrys know we are disarming.

And of course Israel was not there today for this meeting, and I believe with Obama they are not going to have our support.
I believe the real chickens have come home to roost.

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Re: Disarming America

As usual he has shown weakness to the rest of the world. He bows to dictators but disrespects our friends. He is a walking argument for impeachment but it will never happen. I believe he wouldn't have a problem with another country conquering us as long as he could have a position of power.

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Re: Disarming America
expatriate wrote:
Personally, I have this thing where I think the person running our national defense ought to be able to meet the same standards for a security clearance that any of the troops do. There are a lot of unanswered questions about place of birth, activities of family members, past associations with terrorists, etc...

I agree 100%! Never, never could figure out how someone could become president in this country with his background. That is still mind boggling to me.

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Re: Disarming America

If you really want to see Alinsky come out, just mention the birth certificate issue. The wave or ridicule and name-calling will knock you over. Just remain calm and ask a simple question: the certificate shown to the public isn't a birth certificate -- it simply attests that a birth certificate exists. I'm tired of the "birther" controversy, too. If the original exists, why not just release the original and prove these people to be crazy?

Frankly, it's been my experience that Alinskyisms come out when liberals are out of ammo and they're desperate to shut you up before someone else hears you.

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