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Disabled to shoot a crossbow?

I'm new to hunting so i know next to nothing and my friend told me that you needed to be disabled in order to shoot a cross bow? Is there any truth in this?

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Disabled to shoot a crossbow?

In Pa you will have to have a Doctors note stating that you are incapable of drawing back a bow to be able to use crossbow during archery. You can however still use it during gun or mussleloader seasons but you may not use one during regular archery unless you have that note...You will need to file that with the PGC and get a "disabled" permit to utilize a crossbow during archery. Many states are like that and many arent. If memory serves its around 50/50 between those that allow crossbow during archery and those that require a dissability.

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Disabled to shoot a crossbow?

Here's what Kansas has to say about Crossbows:

"Crossbows shall not be considered a long bow, recurve bow, or a compound bow. Permanently disabled persons in possession of an archery permit may use crossbows or locking draws while hunting deer, as permitted under KAR 115- 18-7, by application and special permit. Optical scopes or sights that project no visible light toward the target and do not electronically amplify visible or infrared light may be used."

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