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Disabled Hunting near Vancouver WA

This is the first year I have tried hunting in the Vancouver Washington area. We got SO SKUNKED! Covered a ton of territory from the Columbia River to Hwy 12 (Randall). Didn't see anything larger than a chipmunk.

Anybody have any suggestions. I am disabled so I basically cannot get off the road at all. By the way, I tried to get info from the WDFW and didn't find out about their road access permit drawing until 10/12 despite repeatedly asking and talking to people. So I missed that for this year.

I am not looking for a trophy, just a legal deer, then later a legal elk. Again, I missed the road access drawing for this year.

Thanks for any help.

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Disabled Hunting near Vancouver WA

Welcome to the site. Wish I could help you on that but I know squat about Wash. Did you try going toward Longview then out toward the coast? I've heard there's pretty good elk heard out that way. I stopped at a resturant out there one time and it was full of photo's of elk taken locally.

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