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Digital Camera for Outdoor Adventures

So, I recently purchased a new digital camera. My goal was to get something with a decent zoom so that I could get better pictures of wildlife at a distance. I also hoped that with a new digital camera, when I went scouting, my pictures would have crazy-amounts of wildlife in them, like ex-Biologist's pics. I took my new camera on my scouting trip yesterday, and unfortunately, it did not solve my lack of target species in my scouting pictures. However, I think I do like the performance of the camera. I am no photographer, so my only real complaint is that it makes a chime every time I turn it on, and I could not find a setting to turn that off.
The camera I bought is an Olympus SP-810UZ 14 megapixel with 36X optical and 4X digital zoom. My older digital camera is an Olympus FE-310 with 5X optical and ~5X (I think) digital zoom.
So, what does everybody else use? Do you like your results?

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