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the diffrence in feild points and broadheads

what do i do about a 100g. feid point and 100g. broadhead that is hitting about 9 in. different i also had changed the rest could that make a difference i am shooting an onada eagle bow with cabon arrows and carbon arrow feild points and mega broadheads any advise

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the diffrence in feild points and broadheads

Paper tune the bow

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the diffrence in feild points and broadheads

When i first started archery hunting I practiced every shot with field tips. Went out on my first hunt and had a nice buck at 30 yds. With the broadhead I missed him by a mile. What I was hitting at 30 with a field tip I was hitting with broadhead at 20 Think Same weights they just didn't fly the same. From that moment on I only practice with the setup I'm going to use in the field. Tears the target up more but it is well worth it. There seems to be field points now that supposedly will have the same accuracy as your broadhead, but I won't waste my time.

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the diffrence in feild points and broadheads

It needs some more tuning. Nock set height and lateral on sites. Don't ajust height of sites if the target points are hitting.
Be sure that your release is the same with both target tips and broadheads

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the diffrence in feild points and broadheads

I second the paper tuning. That should be your first move. Field points will many times fly well even off a rest that isnt tuned correctly but when you screw on a broadhead all the uglies show up. Add wings however and all the sudden it takes alot more correction in flight to overcome the bad launch. Paper tuning will shrink the differences your seeing immensely most often.

Other thing to consider is the head you are using as well as the shaft. If you are starting off underspined you may be able to shoot field points well but by adding the broadheads create a siutuation where a stiffer shaft is needed.

Another possible offender is broadhead type. Some broadheads are particularly bad about planing through fast bows.

What kind of speed/poundage are you shooting and what kind of broadhead/shaft size and length combo are you shooting, what is the cam type on your bow?

When all else fails screw a muzzy 3 blade 100 grain head on there. They are notorious for shooting close to field points even out of finicky set ups.

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the diffrence in feild points and broadheads

dido on the paper tune...
check out this link on tunning you're bow. i think it might help.

good luck

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