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Different kind of "Hunt"

Recently got into metal detecting.  Anyone else do it as a hobby? It's been a pretty fun thing to do in the off season.  My kids really enjoy it also.  It is absolutely astonishing how many coins and things are out there to be found.  Heck, our development is only 20-ish years old, and I found probably 40-50 misc coins in less than an hour hunting, in maybe a 20'x20' area.  Have a 1950 house and property I have permission to go to also, and in an hour or so there, I bet I have 75+ coins, a junk ring, and tons of other stuff.

Heard someone say somewhere that there are actually more coins in the ground then there are in circulation.  Crazy.Anyway, would like to find some older coins, back in the silver time.  Found 2 wheat pennies so far (1930 & 1956), but I am only a month into this hobby, so we'll see..........

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You have been watching way

You have been watching way too many TV shows over the winter with visions of riches showing up. 


On a side note I have actually thought of getting a locator and seeing what I can find in some old hunting camps where I live.  I love going through them after a hard snow storm has forced the hunters out very quick and seeing just what they have left.  So far I have found a high lift jack, Coleman camp fuel, a come a long, boxes of ammo and quite a bit of other stuff.  It seams like the hunters when the get to camp just don't care where they throw stuff and when they need to leave in a hurry they have no idea of where it is at. 

I have also thought about going onto some old calvery or military trails that are here in the mountains, you never know what may show up. 

Now I have to go purchase a metal locater.

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Have never done it but seems

Have never done it but seems like it would be fun. A buddy of mine in Mississippi has one and goes out regularly. He has found some cool stuff but no buried treasures, at least not yet. Good luck and hope you find something cool.

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That sounds like a cool hobby to pass the time.

Have fun!

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That does sound interesting.  I might give that a try sometime.  I might wait until my daughter gets a bit older so we can do it together.  Otherwise, I will have a broken metal detector.

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Different kind of "Hunt"

When I was growing up on the farm, we had a neighbor who used to come over with his metal detector.  He remembered things like where big gatherings were held decades before, and he'd pull Mercury dimes out of the lawn.  But he gave up after awhile because he got tired of getting hits, only to find another of the thousands of .22 casings my brother and I polluted the property with.

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