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Mmmmm ....porter
WesternHunter wrote:
That's great advise about using markings on a cleaning rod to measure bolt face to lands distance. I'm sure if NH Hunter could, he'd buy you a Black Butte Porter for that one Thumbs up

Only if I can have one, too. I dabble in homebrewing, also. Not much time to do it with two boys around the house..... Pinewood Derby is tomorrow. Guys, this is the kind of advice I knew I would find here. I appreciate you sharing your experience with me. I've been around a while but have too many interests to become an "expert" in many of them. To find the right seating depth I was going to take an empty casing and seat some bullets in various OAL and rub magic marker on the bullet and successively chamber each length until the marks from the lands show on the bullet. I like the method of using the cleaning rod....it should save some time and get about the same results. Some kind soul left a 2006 Midway catalog on my chair at work today. Not sure who it was.


I'll try the method you described on my .41 next time I set up the press. No room in the basement right now. My reloading bench is covered in car parts until I get the engine back together on my wifes Subaru. Then on to the GMC truck engine. Then the bench should be clear.

Thanks again fellas!


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