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Did Social Media Decide Presidential Election?

All through the campaign I was concerned that McCain was not reaching out online the way Obama was. McCain did not recognize the power of the web and the extent that socializing online is ingrained into many people's lives.

Obama seized the opportunity and used it to his advantage.


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Did Social Media Decide Presidential Election?

The article in PC didn't mention the two most important web sites by name.

The first, my barack obama dot com allowed one to coordinate with like minded folks in my town early in the primaries, tracked my phone banking calls as well as canvasing. The message of the calls as well as the recipients was tailored to the current message of the campaign as well as the volunteer's paticular strengths or weaknesses.

(My specialty ended up being Republicans who'd expressed an interest, or what they call sporadic voting Dems. I made a lot of calls to the W side of the divide and Colorado Springs.)

The other place much less under the control of the Obama campaign yet still a source of funding and volunteers was Daily Kos. By September they were registering tens of thousands of new users a day. I hesitate to link to a partisan web site here but they often have good insightfull articles written by users. For instance who is interested in throwing Sarah Palin under the bus and why.

Both of those sites are interactive meaning users create input and determine their level of involvement.