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desert bighorn sheep & bighorn sheep permits


New guy in town; tidbit here.

I feel sure that it has been covered before--but I'm the NEW guy---and I was wondering about permits for these two sheep.

Anyone have knowledge of any area that can be drawn or applied for that you can draw a permit . These two sheep elude me. I think I can apply and get a permit in Montana in an unlimited area but your chances are really low and you'd have to spend weeks there just to see an animal: forget getting a shot. However, there is always a chance.

Again, I am the new guy, and I am curious about these ever elusive permits. I don't want to wait forever--I'm 58 and not getting any younger.

Any help would be appreciated.

Please reply to the email here or:


thanks guys,


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desert bighorn sheep & bighorn sheep permits

there are alot of western states that have sheep tags. Odds of drawing can be very low and unappealing. Most people who are serious about it, are in it for the long haul. ie gaining preference pts or bonus points. I have been putting in for about 5 years and haven't drawn anything lately. I did draw an idaho sheep tag a few years back. There are also a bunch of organizations that raffle off tags. ie the grand slam club, fnaws etc.

another route is to buy a sheep tag in another country, canada or mexico.
These tags are not cheap but they do sell out, so people are willing to pay the big bucks.
the grand slam club definalty has alot of info. I just got an email from them on a desert sheep tag raffle in texas. with that said. Most sheep hunters with multiple sheep have alot of discretionary income.

LEt me know what else i can help you with. I do use a service called bighorn permit service that handles my applications and time lines. They are a pretty good company to work with.


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