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Desert Bighorn in Nevada

i drew a Desert Bighorn tag in unit 161 early in central Nevada. the season runs Oct. 15th through Nov. 5th. i'm just looking for tips on where to concentrate for a shot at the biggest rams. there is a large herd on Jefferson of about 200 sheep, but have heard there are some better rams on Northumberland and other areas. i hiked Jefferson over the fourth and at 12k feet it is no walk in the park. i don't want to waste a whole lot more hiking/scouting time in an area when i should be somewhere else. i ain't getting any younger.

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Desert Bighorn in Nevada

Hi Jeff, Congratulations on drawing your sheep tag! I also drew a Desert Bighorn tag this year for areas 283/284. Check the NDOW web site, they have check out reports for the last 9 years posted that you can see where the previous tag holders took their rams and what they scored. I've been out scouting today and have some photos of 2 pretty nice rams. I also have some game camera photos of another ram that a friend says should score around 150 B&C. He shot one that scored 164 4/8 back in the late 1980's, his daughter shot one that scored 145 2 years ago and his son shot a California Bighorn last fall that scored 155. The 2 I saw today I think will go around 155 or a little more. Here is a link to my photo sharing page for the pictures.


And good luck on your hunt!

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