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Desert A

Whats so great about the "Desert A" special permit hunt in GMU 290? I'm looking at last seasons permit hunts and it had almost 5400 applicants.

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Desert A


One of the best draws in the state if not the best. Lots of deer and some dandy bucks. Best shot at a huge muley in my opinion.


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Desert A

Saw a 33" 5x7 come outa there 3 yrs ago!!

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Desert A

I agree with the previous posts, that's the only unit I put in for, I know some people that live in that area and they have seen some incredable bucks, i've seen some nice ones come out of there too. Uncle got drawn two years ago there and shot a nice buck, only 26" wide but very respectable, he said he was seeing 20+ bucks a day.

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