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Denver Rejects Ban on Circus Animals

Denver Rejects Ban on Circus Animals

Dan Hanley of Denver for Cruelty Free Circuses said supporters were pleased with the results.

"Right now we're just reflecting on the fact that we brought the huge cruelty abuses from Ringling Bros. to the center," he said. "We think we've raised a huge awareness level that was a voice for the voiceless."

Hello McFly? HELLO, you lost 2-1! This is like a baseball hitter striking out and then calling it a victory because he "took some heat off" the pitches for the other batters. Spinmasters....

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Denver Rejects Ban on Circus Animals

Agreed. My impression of this effort from the very first was that it is much like the gun control debate.

In the gun control debate the anti-gun whackos see that a tiny minority of those who possess guns misuse them and conclude from this that all guns should be banned.

In the circus debate the anti-circus whackos see that a few circuses misuse their animals and conclude from this that all use of animals in circuses should be banned.

Such idiocy. When was it that we, as a nation, completely lost all common sense?

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Denver Rejects Ban on Circus Animals

These guys have nothing on the old Iraqi Information Minister. They use the same information tactics as petty dictators around the world; doesn't anyone realize what that says about these people?

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