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Either of those would be

Either of those would be great scopes but if it's going to be a dedicated long range rifle for small targets I would go with more power. I like 4x14 or 16 for general use but for a heavy rifle on bags or a bipod I'm not going to carry around all day I think the 6x24 would be much better. It's better to spend a few dollars more now than not be happy and try to upgrade later. I know that scenario very well.

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I just read that article in

I just read that article in the news about a Coyote atacking a todeler. Wow that is bad! Makes you want to kill em all

The thought that you could go and find that particular Coyote is far fetched though. How would you identify it? And do you suppose it is like Bears that lose the fear of people and have to be eliminated or removed? Or is that Coyote doing what all Coyotes do?

People used to (and some still do) feel this way about sharks. But Sharks just do what sharks do and I see it as completely natural.

It is also natural for us to want to protect ourselves and blow the livin ____ out of Coyotes.:=D> But Coyotes are not bad or evil for being just exactly they way they are.

I know more of that phylosophy junk again, sorry::whistling:

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As far as putting down the

As far as putting down the correct coyote, they are 99% sure that the got the right one.  You will find that urban coyotes don't wander too far from good food and with homes around the area you can bet that he was fed quite well.  Perhaps not on purpose but just about everyone that has a dog or a cat will leave food out where it can get to it during the day.  This not only feeds the coyote but gets him used to people being around.  Now a wild coyote will have to work for his food and will usually leave the area quite quickly when he either smells or seen a human.  That is unless he has never saw one before and then he'll hang around just long enough for you to get the rifle out and start to take aim and then he'll be gone.

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