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Sorry to chuckle, Shat. I have five boys and a daughter -- I've got that T-shirt.

Trust me -- he'll get over it and in a few years (if it takes that long) you'll all be laughing about it. You're out in the woods spending time with your boys -- that's what they'll remember. And even though sometimes you may think the message isn't sinking in, it is. My daughter and oldest son really put me through the wringer growing up, but now that they're in their 20s they sound more like me than I do. Hang in there, because if you've got teenaged sons out in the woods with you turkey hunting, you're far ahead of what most Dads in the country are doing.

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You forgot the part about no hunting internet chat lines.LOL.Your right about what really matters though like freezing fingers,numb toes and best of all listen to the oldman and his buddies telling stories.


Yep! I got to agree more so than disagree by golly. It seems as though I am still behind a gaject or two I suppose by most hunters standards today. Why I am still trying to figure out all this "Camo business" I reckon.

Funny as it may seem, when I was a young sprout coming up, a hunter wore a checkered plaid wool shirt under his coat for hunting in the woods. His britches were also wool in either a brown or gray color, held up by suspenders. Now 99% wore some kind of hat to keep their heads warm, be it an animal skin or just a wool hat of some origin.

I must say, if you add up all the "must haves" according to the hunting market, I suppose a hunter would have to have 2 jobs just to be able to afford the cost of all those new products.

Now back in those days, calibers were for the most part a .30 cal or wildcat with a larger bullet on top of the 06 case (35 Whelen etc ). Not to mention the 7 x 57 Mauser & 8mm Mauser also. Naw, I ain't forgetting the famed .270 by cacky! .......Anyways those rifles were usually a military rifle that was sporterized according to Williams Brothers & Co. Now days we got more calibers, than I could name in 2 days and none don't seem to be all that greater in ability to bring home the bacon either. Just food for thought folks!