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Greenville, is in the lower peninsula of Michigan.  About 25 miles NE of Grand Rapids.  I attached a sattellite image.  The red spot is my local hunting grounds, about  5 miles south of town.

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Thanks, I'm from Gville, Nc.

Thanks, I'm from Gville, Nc. Just caught my attention. How's the hunting around your parts? Mostly public land or private land hunting?

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This is a weird thought, but

This is a weird thought, but can deer see in a spectrum that is the equivelant of a black light?  I ask, because There is a pizza joint I go to that has black lights in it.  The first time I went I was wearing jeans, and when I walked into the light, I had "pour marks" all over one leg.  It was obvious that was where I had poured the detergent when I washed them.

Now, it was like a bright beacon for all to see.  So I wonder, could deer see that if it was on your hunting clothing????

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Anything is possible

Anything is possible Vermonster...Bout them know'n their terrain,i had a doe bust me,i was lay'n on my belly on a lil hill,nothing but from my nose to top of head probily show'n look'n over hill at her bout 50 to 60 yard's away...She knew i was there,she start'd stomp'n foot,she did a big circle around me to get down wind...I could'nt Blieve she knew i was there with just a lil bit of my head stick'n up over hill....They know every nook an kranny...