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Deer Unit 31

My dad, my girlfriend, and I have drawn 3 deer tags for a hunt in mid November for Unit 31 in the Southeast part of the state of New Mexico. I've never hunted deer south of Albuquerque except in the Gila (16A). Is there anyone that would be willing to give me some details about the area (particularly Brantly wildlife area)? Maybe where to look? I'm not going to get very many chances to scout as I'm in the military and I live out of easy commuting distance. Any info would be greatly appreciated!!! I've hunted alot in the North so if anyone needs info about deer/elk please let me know!

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congratulations! Now I'm not

congratulations! Now I'm not going to sugar coat it, this is a tough Hunt. I live in eunice and have hunted this unit 23 of the last 25 years. 

Ill start by saying the best thing you can do is scout but I understand about the job. The years I scout well I have about a 90% the other years its about 15%. My odds have gon to 0 the last 7 or 8 years because I've gone to BP and just haven't mad it happen. I have had tome opportunities just not done my part.

If you aren't able to scout find a place with some sign and get as high as possible and glass Then glass some more. There are a lot of roads in the area because of the oil fields, don't let that bother you just use them to your advantage. Drive the roads keeping your eyes focused on the barditch To locate where deer are crossing.

good luck


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James, Thank you for the


Thank you for the advice I will definitley get out there at least once if not twice..I appreciate all the help even just the amount that you've given me is a tremendous help!! I think that we might hunt a little east of where you are at..possibly Brantley wildlife area?? any good there?

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