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Deer Stand Camera

Deer Season is almost here in Texas and I would like to put a camera in my deerstand so that when I am not in the stand, I can view the camera from inside my house. My house is about 350 feet away. Does anyone have a brand of camera that has done this for them. Your help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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Deer Stand Camera

No I haven't done that, but I found a good use for a trail camera! I placed one on a tree pointed on my tree stand, to catch the stand thieves, who had been stealing them over night in some woods where I hunt occasionally. The infared camera with the motion sencsor got som good pictures of the guy. We went to a store on the highway down the road a mile ot two, and a half dozen stands in the storage room where the employee who we recconized as the thief, had stored them. Seems every year right before deer season he had a lot of used treestands for sale! ................NO MORE!

This is also good for areas where you have animal rights freaks who like to damage your vehicles while you are out hunting! Works just like the car cameras on a police car, pure evidence! Evil!

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