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Deer Shot Placement ?

here would be the best place to shoot a deer ? Photos ? Personal Experiance ? I would use a 150 gr. Managed Recoil ( low power load ) or if it is okay, a 150 grain bullet of any kind that is premium.

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First off, you don't really

First off, you don't really need a premium bullet for deer. Most premium bullets are what is called "bonded" and that type generally don't expand quickly enough to do a lot of damage to the vitals on a deer because they are designed to go deeper on elk or moose. Anyway, go up about 1/3 to 1/2 way on the body just behind the front leg and that will take out the lungs and result in a quick, humane kill. A more forward shoulder shot will also do the same thing and generally knock a deer right off it's feet, but the result can be a mess when you hit that shoulder bone. A shot through the lungs doesn't ruin more than a couple pounds of meat and you don't have bone fragments to deal with when the animal is processed for consumption.

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Shot Placement

This is a link to an article on the DOW website under Elk Hunting University addressing shot placement for elk with a rifle.  I know you were asking about deer, but I feel this article addresses it fairly well.  

A 150 gr. bullet will do the trick.  The first deer I got was with a 115 gr. bullet out of the .257 Roberts.  

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I shoot em in the neck or

I shoot em in the neck or spine so they don't run off lol... right behind the shoulder works too. ;)

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I agree with top gun, lung

I agree with top gun, lung shot if you can get it.

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