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Deer Scrapes

I found a scrape line with 5 scrapes along it last night. I live in upstate NY and this sign along with other signs tells me my favorite time of the year is here!! I added some tinks 69 in a couple scrapes along with code blue doe estrous. Lets see what we get this weekend using these scrapes!


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How will you hunt the scrape

How will you hunt the scrape line?  Will you hunt over the scrapes or will you find a spot to try to intercept the buck coming in to check the scrapes?  How long do white tail continue to check the scrapes?  Do they make them and continue to check them during the rut or do they abandon them before the end of the rut?

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I meant to ask you how far

I meant to ask you how far upstate you live.  My dad hunts on the Vermont/New York border.  He started seeing some scrapes next to his stand last week after the archery season ended, and he's up to 6 now in the line.  He's pretty excited too.

Is this weekend youth season or does the regular season start in the upper tier of New York now?  Good luck whenever you get out.  It's fun to hunt those scrape lines.

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I usually see scrapes active

I usually see scrapes active here in Ohio about mid October. I have seen these scrapes hit until some time in January. Alot of the fawns born in the spring will be bred in January. This is where alot of the later fawns will come from. Around here we call this period the third rut. It is not nearly as active but still can be a productive time to hunt.

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Did you have any luck with

Did you have any luck with your scape hunting, outdoorsman?

My success with scape hunting has been hunting the downwind trails of hot scapes in heavy cover.

I've watched immature bucks make scapes at field edges but I have never harvested a mature buck over those scrapes.

Curious, MOTF, what is the latest time of year you have seen fawns still showing spots?  We have late ruts here because the population is so out of wack. We have seen spotted fawns as late as the third week in September?

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