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Deer scrapes

Hi I am new to deer hunting this will be my 3rd year and I have been doing a ton of scouting and marking certain area's with a portable GPS I just bought, my question is this: Do deer use the same scrape lines the following year provided they weren't shot or do they make new ones? any info would be greatly appreciated.
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Deer scrapes

Hello, generally they will follow their same patterns year after year...however different variables can impact this from year to year...for example: logging, human presence etc. etc.....good luck!

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Deer scrapes

I agree. Lots of variables can change that deers patterns. I have seen scrapes used year after year, but mostly see scrapes in the same area but usually not the same scrape. I rarely hunt over a particular scrape, but find it a bonus to have scrapes in the area I'm hunting.

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Deer scrapes

They are usually a creature of habit . One area that I hunt has two apple orchards about a half mile apart, that produce fruit alternately every other year and they move year to year with the food source. You won't find a track in the non productive orchard .

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