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Deer not coming to feed,why?

Hey everybody, I dont know why but none of the deer are coming to my feed, The way I set up is I pour out about 4-5 LBS. on the ground of the performance trophy buck blend, it is a 50 pound bag of deer corn, peanuts, cane, mollasis. Here is a link to the feed: http://www.performancefeedco.com/bagtags/TrophyBuck.jpg

Then I pour some evolved habitats, deer cravin apple on it, plus my dad mixes a little of it with hot water, and puts it into a spray bottle and I hose down the bushes and branches. So, how come the deer arent eating the corn? Any ideas on how to get the deer to come to my trail cam bait?

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Deer not coming to feed,why?

Buy a cheap salt block at your local feed store. Then buy some plain old shell corn. Then, only check your trail cam once per week. Also, make sure you put it in an area that deer frequent.

You might be doing too much to the food and probably have too much activity in the area.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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Deer not coming to feed,why?

just a suggestions Whitetails are on the same patern now which means they go straight to food from bedding area and to water if your honey hole is not in line with the food sources or water they may be missing it

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Deer not coming to feed,why?

Hmmmm....sounds like maybe you're not putting enough stuff out there.

Maybe a neon sign will help. Evil!

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Re: Deer not coming to feed,why?

A deer is most active in the morning and in late afternoon. There are, however, other times when all deer seem to be on the run at the same time. Here is how to recognize these periods of intense activity. First, twelve to thirty-six hours before a heavy storm, all animals perceive imminent danger. They eat without stop ; whatever the time of the day. Thus, if an important atmospheric disturbance is predicted, expect game to be on the move and use the tracking method. Other periods easy to detect are the ones following very bad weather. After strong winds, storms or heavy snow, starting from the moment nice weather is back and for many hours following, all deer will head for feeding areas to satisfy their appetite. They are so preoccupied that they forget all elementary rules of safety and it is not rare to spot them in large groups. You will usually find them close to their hiding place. As we have said before, it is still possible to hunt by very bad weather : wind, snow, rain or storm. However, hunting is first a sport which should bring pleasure to the hunter, not weariness. Why not, when the weather is inclement, remain at camp and tidy up, dry up and fix your clothes, cook some good meals or just rest. When the sun will shine again, you will be in perfect shape for your drives or to sneakily follow some fresh trail.

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Re: Deer not coming to feed,why?

Had that prob 2 at Bgining of hunt`n season...Put a camera out...My prob was DAWG`s...I hunt a small area N central Fla next 2 a residental area where all bread`s of Dawg`s an Human`s live...Nobody kept up with their Dawg`s...Come`n N 2 feeder at all time`s of day n nite... banghead

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