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Deer Mineral Lick Recipe Addition?

For my Dad's SE Ohio property I have normally just purchased from Tractor Supply the 50lb (brown) horse mineral blocks as a deer supplement.  I take a chisel and bust them in half then place in the ground with the broken side up and the rain would naturraly assist in the mineral leak.  This has worked fairly well.  This year I am actually going to do the "bulk" recipe - 50lb bag of stock salt, 50lb bag of dicalcium phosphate, and 100lbs (2 - 50lb bags) of trace mineral salt.  I'll mix it all up in three equal batches and place strategically.

Now here is my question - is there anything additionally or differently to put into this mix that would make it work best?  One blog I read stated to use a vitamin A-D-E mix to further supplement the lick.  Another blog I read they used butterscotch flavored dry pudding mix (yes this is not a typo) as the attractant.  I'm just wondering if there are any "best working" recipes that will build antler growth and also be a successful attractant - without spending the farm.  I will be placing trail cams near these 3 sites and will post my success later this year.



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Mineral Lick

We have always just used a bag of salt and a bag of dical.

Here is the salt we have been getting:


The salt seems to be enough of an attractant for our deer.  I can't complain.  They will use it all year when we have stuff in there, but most of the activity is during summer.

We have had these established for a lot of years, and they are turning into ponds from the deer digging in there so much.


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