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deer hunting in wisconsin

Im trying to plan a deer hunt during the gun season for this fall im planning to just hunt public land.   I would like to somewhere that is remote and has a descent chance at a trophy buck (140"+).   I was looking into headwaters wilderness area.   It is 22,000 square acres so it seems like I would have a chance to get away from the crowds, but I don't know anything about the number of deer in the area or trophy quality.   If anyone has any suggestions or advice what so ever I would appreciate it.

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hunting there

i myself have never hunted there how ever i got family memebers in that neck of the woods that hunt there bcuz they have no place else to go.  If you r looking for a good gun hunt there i recomend toward the edges of the land the first 2 days then as far from the roads as possible. the people i know that hunt there have never shot any thing nice maybe 110"-120". I've found better public land west of there and Southwest of there.  Where ever u decide to hunt get the areial maps and ask around at the gas stations or stop in the small diners and grab a sandwich there is alot of info there.   most of that public land closer to the big cities like Greenbay, Appleton etc. r hunted hard.  Most of those people dont mind driving 2hrs to land which puts them in that area.