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Deer hunting w/ .357mag or .44mag--preferred bullet

I'm carrying my Python into the woods with me this fall--dense woods, average shot of perhaps 30-40 yds, perhaps less. WT deer I've seen the last 2 yrs were not terribly big, so I'm pretty comfortable with the idea of using the .357mag...

I have a bunch of 158gr hp's, but am thinking I'd rather hunt with a soft point and perhaps be more sure of penetration over the hollow point.

Any one experienced with such matters that has a favorite deer bullet?

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Deer hunting w/ .357mag or .44mag--preferred bullet

For deer hunting with a 357, my choice of bullet would be a good jacketed flat point slug of at least 158 gr.

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Deer hunting w/ .357mag or .44mag--preferred bullet

CorBon DPX (Barnes X bullet). Goooood combo for the 357

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Deer hunting w/ .357mag or .44mag--preferred bullet

You should check out the new buffalo bore 357's , big and hot , crazy muzzle energy.

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Deer hunting w/ .357mag or .44mag--preferred bullet

There are a lot of good bullets out there and these guys mentioned a few of them. To be honest with you if your longest shot will truley be only 50 yards a penitration issue should not even come up unless the shell is way under powdered.
Find a good hunting style bullet that shoots good from your gun. Lots of practice and more practice. Be sure of your shot and hit where you aim. Success. Thumbs up

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Deer hunting w/ .357mag or .44mag--preferred bullet

I've not used a .357 for deer. Seems you'd need to expand it to get a good enough drain hole. Seems it doesn't have enough oomph to expand and exit reliably.

I used jacked and hard cast .44s for deer. Hard cast turned out to be the way to go for me. .44 drain holes were big enough. They hard cast always exited.

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