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Deer Hunting in VA

Im kinda new to Deer Hunting, i mean ive been last year a few times and it gets pretty boring going every weekend and not seeing anything, am i do something wrong??? The area im hunting i see rub marks, droppings, beds and footprints, i think it might be because im still hunting. I just bought a tree stand so that might change things. Any area that is open to the public for hunters in VA???

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Deer Hunting in VA

First thing I would do is get your scent under control. Wash all your hunting clothes in scent free soap, air dry them outside, and keep them in a sealed container so they can't pick up household smells. Shower with scent free soap and use scent free deodorant. Keep as many hunting clothes as you can in the sealed container in the back of the truck, and put them on when you get to the woods. (This is no fun in cold weather, but it's important.) If you beat his nose, you can beat him.
Stay still as possible, because deer can spot movement from a long ways away.
Be quiet.
Even though the area you are hunting may have a lot of deer sign, it may be an area they only use at night. This was a big mistake I made my first couple years of hunting. I chose open woods so I could see a long ways, but deer avoid these areas during daylight once they become pressured, because they feel exposed and vulnerable. Move to the thicker areas. If you have a real thick cutover or thinned pines, this may be where they're bedding during the day. Hunt the edge of it. This is a good place to ambush them at first and last light. In fact, all other things being equal, it's usually best to hunt the edge of something.
Don't set up right in a rubline or right overtop of a scrape. Hunt off to the side where they're less likely to see you.
For next year, buy a muzzleloader and learn to shoot it. Virginia's two week black powder season is the best time to be in the woods. The rut usually peaks around then, and there's much less hunting pressure. I see 5 or 10 deer during black powder season for every one I see during general firearms season.
This should get you started. Charles City has a pile of deer. If you put in the hours you should eventually see something.

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on your scent

you can also take a block of cedar wood and put it in your container of hunting clothes