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Deer Hunting Tips?

Hello everyone,
I was wondering if any of you guys know of any good sites for videos such as hunting tips and the like.
I'm looking for videos similar to this one; myoutdoortv has a ton of good videos.
Feel free to post up your favorite tips videos, maybe we can build a good list for users looking for tips.

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Deer Hunting Tips?


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Deer Hunting Tips?

Find a good trail, keep quiet, movements to a minimum and watch wind. Easy to follow and you'll kill deer.

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Check this book out!

This is a copy from my post in anything goes about this book:

Last year while I was at walmart looking for my muzzleloader equipment, i came across this book, picked it up and took 5 minutes and looked at it, instantly, it went in the cart with my muzzleloader equipment. I had saw it on the rack just before archery opened up, but didnt get to look at it. The book is entitled, "The Pocket Deer Hunting Guilde: Successful Hunting with a Rifle or Shotgun. By Stephen D. Carpenteri. It is chock full of 160 of great info and tips.
It cost me about $8

Chapters are as follows:

Introduction: The psychology of deer hunting

1. Rifles and Shotguns:
Get familiar with your firearm
Rifle Sighting
Sighting Shots
Adjust your sights
Why 25 yards?

Shotguns and Muzzleloaders
Range and Accuracy
Sighting at various distances
Practice, practice, practice

2. Marksmanship:
Where to hit the deer
When not to shoot
Look beyond the target

3, Safety Comes First!:
Protect yourself!
NRA Ten Commandments of Gun Safety

4. Ballistics:
Common Deer Rifle Ballistics
Shotgun Slug Ballistics
Black Powder Loads
Pyrodex Loads
Pyrodex Pellet Loads

5. Deer Behavior, Habits, and Habitat:
Early Fall

6. Hunting Locations:
Field Edges
Water Crossings
Road Crossings
State Forests
Hunting Unfamiliar Areas
No Substitute for Scouting

7. Deer Stands:
Ladder Stands
Hanging Stands
Climbing Stands
Safety Precautions

8. Ground Hunting:
Ground Blinds
Blinds of Opportunity
Artificial Blinds

9. Scent Control
Clothing Selection
Elevate Your Stand
Vary Your Approach To Your Stand
Cover Scents

10. Comfort and Survival
Sensible Supplies
Leave It As You Found it
Don't Get Lost!
But, If You Do Get Lost...
Stop Walking, Assess Your Situation!
Simple and Functional

11. After the Shot
Watch For Signs of a Hit
The Tracking Process
Tricks of The Trade
Group Tracking
The Hunter's Responsibility

12. Field Dressing Your Deer
Gutting Your Deer
Are You Ready For This?
Dragging Deer By Hand
Slides and Wheeled Aids
Motorized Vehicles
Use Caution with Potential Mounts!
Retrace Your Steps

13. Butchering Your Own Deer

14. Your Trophy Buck


The very last page has tips for using open sights.

This book helps so much! I recommend buying it the second you see it at walmart, which they had out before the first archery season opened (Last week in September) It gave me tips that i used last year, which greatly helped me with more success. It helped my nephew get his first deer while him and I went out last year for the JR hunt. Alot of the info in it you may already know, but it is still nice to have around for the just in case. If you can't find it at walmart, I am sure you can find it here online, but like I have said many of times, it is well worth the $8, which can put knowledge in you that you may use the rest of your life hunting.

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Deer Hunting Tips?

The Benoit brothers have a series of videos on deer hunting and reading sign; Roger Raglin's videos usually have some good tips in amongst the product placement segments and promos for hunting lodges.

(Not to mention his hyper-active personality)

If you go the websites of outdoor magazines such as Outdoor Canada, Field and Stream, Outdoor Life et al and search "Deer Hunting" you'll have a life time of reading righ there...not to mention this site. Here's a good start:


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