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Deer hunting Saskatchewan

Is their i good spot that a couple of guys from New brunswick could come and hunt in saskatchewan non guided in october or early november of 2007? We are just looking for someone to get us pointed in the right direction, good hunting growd preferably private land with a hotel close by, we would pay some money for hunting on the property if we have to, thats not a problem. I am wiling to to even take the land owner fishing on the Miramichi river the next spring for salmon if he is interested, the fish range from 24 to above 40 inches. Some days you can get 15 fish or more.

tank you

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Deer hunting Saskatchewan

do a little homework and you can be hunting in 08. if you want to hunt that early, you are looking at either the forest zones in the north, or saskatoon or regina muzzleloader zones in the south. those city zones can be a little tougher to get access, and paid hunting is not legal, but early on they are a better bet. the forest zones are tough, especially without the rut. my advice is wait till the end of november where most of the farmland is open to rifle toting canadians for one week. show up a day or two early and drive around a little to get a feel for where the deer are. by staying an hour or two away from the larger cities, ie the sask/man border, access shouldnt be too tough if you say please. throw a dart at the map, get a local RM map (landowners and legal titles) and do it. if you are worried about private access, there are community pastures all over that are public land. check with the pasture manager for rules on vehicle access and potential livestock locations. get a copy of the hunting regulations and make sure of your dates. its relatively inexpensive, to do this hunt, and your chances of success are pretty good. there isnt a booner behind every tree, but with a little legwork, a deer grossing 150 is a very reasonable goal. good luck. any more questions, ask away, ill tell ya what i know.