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Deer hunting in kitsap Co

hello, im new to hunting here in wa state. i am looking for some advice on where to hunt deer in kitsap co. i have a .308 that has been collecting dust for years and now i moved here i want to bring it out of retirement

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Welcome to the site. There

Welcome to the site. There are some very knowledgable folks here. I cant help you with any info cause i dont hunt in WA. Just wanted to extend a welcome, there are a few people here that are from WA that might be able to help. I'm sure WA's fish and wildlife website will have some info for you, also go to the national forrest station and pick up a map for the areas your looking to hunt, that way you can get an idea for acess and such.

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Welcome to BGH!

Do I know you? Karen Niffenger ring a bell?

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Welcome to the site Brian.  I'm from Washington but haven't ever hunted in Kitsap County.  I'm sure there are lots of blacktail in that area but I wouldn't know where to hunt.  If I were you, I'd go to a local sporting goods store and start talking to people.

Have you lived in that area a for a while or are you new?    Have you hunted blacktail before?  If not, they are a different breed and the hunting might be very different.  You might want to start talking to landowners to see if you can hunt their property.

Whatever you do, good luck and please post pictures when you're successful.

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I live in Kitsap and yes

I live in Kitsap and yes their are alot of nice deer. The down side is most of the land is privitly owned and also most of the county has a modern firearm restiction. Go to Mason County. It also is a good spot for nice deer and alot more open land to hunt.


Good luck