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Deer Hunting and Weather (featured article)

November 2006 Feature Article:

Deer Hunting and Weather

Every time we step off the asphalt into the country's wilderness, we carry with us a considerable store of outdoor lore, some of it based on personal hunting experience, some on information gleaned from our peers and our mentors and some on what we have read and heard in magazines and on programs. Our moment-to-moment decisions, regardless of how big or small, are based on this accumulated storehouse of both conscious and subconscious knowledge.Read more...

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Deer Hunting and Weather (featured article)

I've said it here before, I love to hunt in the light rain. For the reasons the author lists, it's a great time to see and harvest deer.

It's going to snow here all night tonight. Damn, I wish I could get out and hunt in the morning...it's killin' me. Brick Wall,)

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Deer Hunting and Weather (featured article)

Great article.

I just hunt whenever I can.....no matter what the weather is.

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Deer Hunting and Weather (featured article)

great artical i hunt when i can, and where i can get to. some times the rivers too high

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Deer Hunting and Weather (featured article)

Great article thanks to the author for this post and I like to hunt whenever its possible Rain, Snow, Wind whatever god throws my way when hunting season starts I dont leave the bush.

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