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deer huntin in the rain

im leavin tomarrow for my deer hunt and it looks like the weather forecast say's scatterd thunder storms with a 30% chance of rain for 5 days. never hunted deer in the rain before, not shure what effect this might have on the deer. shure hope they aint bedded down all day long. if its like any other thunder storm we get they'll probley come in during the afternoon and clear up just before sun down, leaving the mornings with a good hunt. anyone ever hunt in these conditions before?

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I don't know about the

I don't know about the intermittant T-storms, but I always love hunting the front edge of a storm, just when it starts to drizzle, but before the hard stuff starts falling.  The deer are out and about, pushing to get that last bit of food before it hits, just in case it's a long storm.

Even beyond the deer movement, it's just nice sitting there in a light drizzle, hearing the raindrops hit, the woods just seem to fall silent.

Good luck to you...... Thumbs up

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If its raning real hard they

If its raning real hard they may hole up to weather the storm out but a light rain should not affect them too much.  Besides you will be able to move quieter with the rain and wet ground.  I would definetly hunt before the storm, and as soon as it it quits raining be where they are most likely they will want to get up and move around.  Good luck on your hunt!

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Good luck!

Before and directly after storms are my favorite times to hunt!  I believe the drop in barometric pressure sets something off in the deer and they actually can sense that they need to eat before the storm hits.  As mentioned above, if it is just a steady drizzle or light rain, it probably won't have much of an affect.  If the storm is heavy and over multiple days, I would try to locate the bucks via spot and stalk.  Of course your binoculars will probably be rendered almost useless so you'll have to rely on old faithfuls (your eyes).  I have seen more mule deer just before, during, and directly after a storm than I probably do all year long!



GOOD LUCK!!! Thumbs up

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I agree with everybody...

I agree with everybody... this storm system could really help you out. I know a lot of poor guys out here in Colorado who are praying for some weather. We have been hot and as dry as a burned bisquit for some time now. Something has to give. 92 degrees in Colorado in late September is just uncalled for.

Make sure you are out there before and after the storm and you just might get a chance at them. Heck, just make sure you're prepared and hunt right through it. Find the cover that they will be using when the rain starts falling and take it to them.

Just be carefull of lightning. My internship this summer up at Rocky Mountain National Park taught me that. I had my fair share of close calls and I wasn't caring around a lightning rod with a 24 inch barrel. Stay safe and good luck! You will have to keep us posted on how the hunt turns out.

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oh yeah

oh yeah i will definately stay up on the mountain hail stones the size of baseballs wouldnt run me back to camp. if it starts to rain hevy ill hit up the mahogany and aspen patches. usually when we have scatterd thunder storms it usaully only rains on and off for a few minutes to an hour at the most, in the mid afternoon to just before sunset so im not worried to much. im gonna be out there for eight days with no moon and rain they still have to eat and move around sometime.Yes

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I agree with everyone, I love

I agree with everyone, I love hunting in the rain, when its coming down seems to be the best time to hunt western oregon, it will give you some sound cover, you might even find one in its bed waiting out the storm. if you move slow enough the rain drops should give you enough cover sound to put on a good stalk. good luck, keep us posted.

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