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deer harvest

I got a 4x5 mulie that was 26 3/4" wide opening morning on my secret hunting spot near the Canadian Border. Got a 190 pound cinny phase bear a week before deer season opened. Then to top off the year I killed my first elk north of Kettle Falls. A perfect 6x6 bull. gross 324 2/8" I ll get some pics up asap. Glad I bought the new rifle.

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deer harvest

well, i hunt for the most part in linn and marion county, mckinzie unit. but on occation will run the west side around wilson trask unit, i guess were ever i feel the vibe. i try and stay away from people but its harder every year it seams.
in the last two years my family and i have pulled four 4x4's and a forked horn out of one spot , and have seen bigger bucks there.
time to find anouther hunting spot and let it rest a bit i supose.

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