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Deer Diary: How to Keep a Hunting Journal (feature article)

June 2009 Feature Article:

Deer Diary: How to Keep a Hunting Journal

Twentieth Century philosopher George Santayana once said, "Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it." Chances are he wasn't thinking about deer hunting when he spoke those words, but the principal still applies, none-the-less. If you are like me, just remembering what happened on your last hunt is challenging enough. Being able to recall specific details of the hunts from years past would be dang near impossible without having some type of written account. That is why a hunting journal can be such a great resource for the serious deer hunter. Read more...

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Deer Diary: How to Keep a Hunting Journal (feature article)

I keep a fairly detailed journal of my outdoor excursions.
I note Deer sightings and include location, terrain type, time of day, weather previously and post sighting, moon phase, activity of deer when sighted and food source that it was feeding on among other events that I may add so as to attempt to determine why that Deer was there doing what they were doing at that time..
I find patterns quickly emerge using this information and can be clearly seen when transferred to a map. This helps alot when looking at other locations to hunt. However Deer are Deer so nothing is completely fool proof with them !!! Yes

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