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Deer curiousity

i am just wondering something...i am going to try some odd tactics the last few days of archery buck season. i am going to start by saying the bucks are always in sight of my stand but they won't come close enuff to shoot...i grunt and they look and start to come but just wont' so i am going to try to put an antelope decoy outside of my stand....these deer may have seen antelope where they are but very rarely...
i will post the results...

any comments on this?

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I would try just about

I would try just about anything.  Try vanilla(yes the cooking item), the real stuff not the artificial as a scent lure.  I have been told that the different scent attracts them.

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go for it

I don't see what you have to lose.  Go for it!

They make sents to lure deer in that are labelled as curiosity scents - vanilla comes to mind.  It's not really a food scent for deer but they are curious about it.  I've heard that peanut butter smeared on teh tree bark can do the same thing.  It's not a natural scent in the deer woods, but its not offensive and makes the deer curious enough to check it out.  Definitely let us know your results, you ahev succeeded in making ME curious......!

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I like both of the

I like both of the suggestions made.

Deer are very curious critters, and may get real stupid at times.

If these are older bucks, you may not have much success, but you never know.

I would also try a doe bleat - in a can if you have one - with your mouth if you don't.

It isn't only during the rut that a buck will come looking for a doe that makes a bleat - - it might just cause them to relax thinking that a doe is in the area and unconcerned.

Good luck.


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How did this work out for you?  Where you able to lure a volunteer in close enough to close the deal?

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He must not have or I would

He must not have or I would think he would have been right back on here after that telling us about it.  Then again, maybe something he did differently worked perfectly and he's in the process of patenting it first, LOL!!!

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