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Deer Channel?

A friend of mine actually paid for the $49 per month deer channel. We looked at it the other day and it was pretty cool however the darn camera points at the nose instead of where the deers eyes would be (which would be just above the nose)

I was wanting to see some social activity with other deer but we didnt see that. I know the video of the deer is edited so they wont show you when the deer is running up to the fence or feeding out of feeders....

I think its a total waste of money and Im curious how many people they will trick into paying that much....who knows

Anyway, I also got onto that WHA website and found that they have something similar to this where they have some bucks with GPS transmitting collars so you can see where and when they deer move. I got stuck on there for 2 hours looking at the feeding and bedding times.

I emailed the wha and asked when they would have more up to date info and the response was that they were hunting in the ranch and after the hunt they would upload all of the most recent data. They also said that they have 2 other bigger bucks with collars that will be on there next.

I noticed that the biggest buck they had (126" 9 pt) was not moving very much compared to the yearling buck that was all over the place!

I found it to be very good useful info especially when you compare their movement times to moon phases and weather conditions.

Im really anxious to see what they do in the rut!

check it out on

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