deer calls

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hi there i was wondering if anyone can help me... well this year is going to be my first year bow hunting and i am wanting to hunt some mule deer but i dont know if the make a mule deer call or can i just use a white tail deer call... im not sure on what to do or use but im wasnt sure if white tails and mule deers made to same noise so i would appreciate all the help i can get... thanks


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Re: deer calls

The only call noise you might possibly need is when he is running away and you what him to stop for a shot, but dont bet on a wise old mullie to even falling for that trick. Save your money on gemics you see on TV and buy the best binoculars you can afford. Scouting and Glassing is most recommended and practice shooting at long ranges so you know your limitations. GoodLuck!

Re: deer calls

thank you i appreciate the advice.

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