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Deer Calls


Would everyone think that all White Tail Deer Calls work on all types of Deer considering they are of the same species of Animal?

My reason for question is: We have an abundent mix of Deer here on Guam. Sambar crossed with Phillipine Deer and have heard of White Tails crossed into the mix.

I am curious to confirm what would be the BEST suggestion of Deer Call to try out, considering the Mix Blood of these Deer ?

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Deer Calls

That is an interesting question. I am not sure if white tail calls would work on the deer in your area. I suppose a doe bleat probably would. No scientific basis for that assumption, just a gut feeling.

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Deer Calls

Don't know either but I'd Say they would work. Believe me, I've seen some awful poor excuses for deer calls(moose too) but for some odd reason, quite a few would have some sort of positive effect.
Thats all my scientific data & input

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Deer Calls

I've had deer show up when I was calling coyotes. I think the curiosity got the better of them. I would think the bleat or fawn distress would work fine, but I'm not sure how the more complex grunts, clicks, and roars would match up with those deer Think

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Deer Calls

If I were going to hunt an unfamiliar species, I would 1st read everything I could find regarding the subject. Personally, I wouldn't try any calling until I completed a serious amount of observation to listen for their particular vocalizations, or read some scientific data regarding the animal itself.

As a preference, I would try an ambush tactic first.

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Deer Calls

You might be able to find a sound clip on the web referencing their particular sounds.

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