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Deer & bobcat out of state

Hey guys, my son just turned 12, he will be hunting this year for the first time. I am looking at possibly taking him on a hunt, specifically for a nice deer. We'll be hunting here but I'd like to take him on his first out of state hunt (we're in PA). I'd like to have the opportunity to shoot a bobcat. I've been looking at Dos Plumas Ranch in Tx. but wondered...anyone else been other places, other states,etc? Chime in and let's hear suggestions!



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Deer & bobcat out of state

Check us out at the Occoneechee Lodge. I love getting kids there first deer. We have a real good setup.The Lodge is on the beautiful Roanoke River. We are located in Eastern North Carolina and offer one of the longest seasons and one of the most liberal bag limits in the country! Our bow season begins in early September, giving our guests a great chance at taking a buck in velvet. Black powder starts in early October and our general gun season ends January first. Our guides are polite, knowledgeable, experienced hunters who are dedicated to your success. We spend countless hours in the field scouting and planning for your hunt of a life time. We have strategically placed our stands in areas we believe will maximize the potential of our guests taking quality bucks. These stands are place over peanut, corn, and soybean fields. There is also an abundance of river bottoms and drainages along the river. These protected waterways are flanked by wonderful groves of hardwoods. Also, in various locations a corn feeder will be found. We enjoy family hunts and have deals for groups and guests with children. We also have spots open for our "Mega Hunts". Our gear grab hunt! You get everything you need for your hunt when you get here! Gun/scope, camo, boots, hat, etc. Also included in our Mega Hunt is the film footage. Check us out at http://www.deerhuntingnc.com/ and add us to you myspace- myspace.com/occoneechee

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Deer & bobcat out of state

Tried to send you an email but ti wouldn't go through. If your still looking for a good TX whitetail/bobcat hunt for you and your son call me toll free 1-877-647-9926 or email me at sjadventures@cableone.net.

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