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Deer & bobcat out of state

Hey guys, my son just turned 12, he will be hunting this year for the first time. I am looking at possibly taking him on a hunt, specifically for a nice deer. We'll be hunting here but I'd like to take him on his first out of state hunt (we're from PA). I'd like to have the opportunity to shoot a bobcat. I've been looking at Dos Plumas Ranch in Tx. but wondered...anyone else been other places, other states,etc? Chime in and let's hear suggestions!



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Deer & bobcat out of state

Hi Jeff,

I have never hunted out of state but have deer hunted in New York, Oregon, Colorado and Montana. Hunting is pretty screwed up where I live, so many people drawing for so little land, 95% private, that locals are not drawing tags quite often. Now I'm thinking that out of state might have found it's time for me. There's three state's I'm thinking hard about, that's Colorado, Wyoming and Utah. They all have great rep's for great deer hunting.

I'd love Mexico too but cost's might be awful high and I don't want to take a rifle down there. To many horror stories about problems takinf gun's out of country with hoop's to jump thru.

Texas is supposed to have some great deer hunting and all the time I've spent driving in Texas, which is considerable, I've never seen a deer. Same with Nevada and it's supposed to be great.

Then too, all these draws for tags seem's awful confusing to me. Sorta like winning a lottery but you pay them!

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