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deer ???

I was wondering if or how do u rase deer on your own land. Lets say you have 140acers and want to have pigs and deer and mayb sum other game on the land. Can it b high fenced and than stocked with the game we would like. The land is in CA and not to far from Tejon ranch. Thank you for the info.

ps. there is sum wild game on hte land but not sure what kind or how much. Its used as cow land most of the time.

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You would be better off

You would be better off asking the California Department of Agriculture or the California Game and Fish.  Get the right answer and not what someone thinks on the internet.

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critters got it

critters got it, ask your state they will know, but im gonna say cali will most likely cringe at the thought of introducing out side game animals that arent indiginous to they're state, i know they are picky about stuff like that,
i get questioned about my ice chest and boat everytime i go camping in plumas. i couldnt imagin the check stations waving me by with a trailer full of whitetails or fallow deer. you might be able to do it with native animals though?

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yes i am in Cali and i would

yes i am in Cali and i would only want game that is already found here. The land is close to Tejon ranch and has game on it already. i am just thinking if its worth it to high fence the ranch or not. thanks for the info.

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