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I don't know if this has been covered in the past, but I was wondering if anyone has ever used a decoy to hunt antelope.  I have heard that antelope are very curious and will come to a decoy.  Has anyone on this site ever used one successfully?

A number of years ago, my buddy drew an antelope tag in Utah.  We spent some time building a decoy out of plywood and went out to give it a try.  We had a lot of fun finding antelope and crawling behind that chunk of plywood to get closer, but we sure didn't get close enough to flip a sharp stick at him.

Here's what we enjoyed.... had a ball making a decoy look as much like an antelope as we could. I carefully cut it out and painted it to look real.  We had a ball "thinking" that we could crawl close to a big buck.  Our fantasies were worth the work. 

But it didn't help us get an antelope.  Sitting in a blind did.


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I have used them before with

I have used them before with mixed results.  We primarly used them over waterhole hunting with archery gear. We have used them when hunitng does and bucks pre rut, durning the rut and then after the rut.  Now in our cases it depended on what you were hunting and which decoy you were using, buck or a doe.

When hunting the bucks with decoy seem to work real well in most cases, after the rut they seem to not want to come to the decoy as much, might have been they had their butt kicked enough during the rut and did not just want to battle.  But pre rut and durning the rut they worked alot better as they were looking to run off all competetor if yopu were using the buck decoy, the doe decoy worked alot better as they were curoius as to why she is all alone on the water.  If I was gonna hunt a buck I would go with a doe decoy before I would use the buck decoy.

Now when hunting does I think it is best to just use a doe decoy.  We tried hunting a them with a buck decoy and when the bucks are ruting and chasing the does around the bucks seem to not let the does get a drink of water so when the does see the buck at the water they will not come enough for a shot with a bow, with a rifle you should be OK.  With a doe decoy there is is a real confidence booster for them.

With all that said they last two years we have used no decoys at all and have better reponse from the antelope coming to the water.  last seaon we had a herd of about 15 does and small bucks at the water hole for about 5 minutes while they drank and a decoy one to bring them in.  I think the decoys works it just has to be the right siutation and that could change from area to area.  In our area we have alot of buck for some reason and I think they just torment the does and fawns so a buck decoy just does work as well.

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Like others said, antelope can be very curious and during the rut, herd bucks can be very possessive.  I have often seen the herd buck chase off smaller bucks.

I only rifle hunt antelope and it's strickly spot and stalk.   I'll often walk five or more miles from camp hunting antelope, so I don't want to carry much more than my rifle and a fanny pack.  I have been close enough to antelope to hear them biting off grass or whatever they were eating, so I've never worried about getting into 200-300 yds of them.

I think a young buck decoy might help to bring other antelope to you and it would be fun to try one, but I would hesitate to use one on public land, especially within sight of a road.  Too many idiots that shoot first and look later.

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I have never tried to use an

I have never tried to use an antelope decoy while antelope hunting because I have never tried archery antelope hunting before.  In five more days (unfortunately I will not get to give it a try for another 10 days), my archery antelope season opens, and I will be give both a try.  I bought the young buck decoy by Montana Decoys.  I will report back here anything I learn during this upcoming season.  

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Check out

check out bethedecoy.com, they have a great idea for a decoy for bow hunters.


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