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December Hunting - Hard in your neck of the woods?

December comes hard in the South... here in SC, the rut is for the most part long gone, food sources have started to become really scarce and after being sniped at (with guns) for three and a half months - our deer are VERY scarce and hard to find.

 Getting a buck to make a mistake is even harder yet.... almost impossible.

Where are you hunting and do you find December to be the hardest month ever to hunt???




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3 1/2 months of gun season!

3 1/2 months of gun season!  And I thought we had it bad here in Michigan.  I agree that December is the toughest month to hunt here in Michigan.  Our 2 week firearm season (Nov. 15th-30th) just concluded and there is another 2 week muzzleloader season in December along with a late firearm doe season.  At the same time, bow season runs from Oct. 1st-Nov. 14th and again from Dec.1st-Jan 1st.  Not to mention the recent additions of the early anterless, early youth, and early disabled hunts.  But, it's really that November gun season that turns them nocturnal and sets them on edge.  

On top of that, the bitter cold here in Michigan in December can make hours on stand miserable at times.  

I do love it though as there is almost always snow and who doesn't love hunting in the snow!

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December hunting

I hunt two states regularly, Kentucky and Tennessee (live real close to the border) and some days hunt both states. December is tough, even though we have a good long rifle season here in Tennessee. Kentucky's rifle is always over by 1 Dec., but they have a late M/L week. I think we get a bit spoiled in this area since we get to hunt the peak rut during gun seasons, M/L & rifle in both states. Both bucks I've taken, one in Ky and one, so far, in Tn were actively chasing when I shot them. I also hunted Indiana and seemed to be about peak rut there as well for opening day, 13 Nov. The buck I took there was also actively chasing. I reckon all three went with a smile on their faces...:\\\\:D/  

Yup, December is tougher for bucks. Little difference, however, in the number of does we see in December IMO. 

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The main reason that it gets

The main reason that it gets hard out here is because by the time December rolls around, the deer have seen pressure for almost 3 months.  There are alot of hunters focused onto smaller parts of public land, and the deer move around.  I did have a guy i know just shot his first deer ever, with a bow no less, this morning.  I will be going Friday morning to try same thing.

Weather here in December can actually be cold and snowy.  I hunt at 6,000 feet or so, and have hunted in 2 feet of snow at that time.

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I would love to hunt the snow

I would love to hunt the snow - that is for sure.

Would hate to freeze and one of these days, I will be in the right place at the right time!

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in Nebraska its still a

in Nebraska its still a really good time to hunt  if you know the land you can get a much nicer deer during the december hunt all you have to learn is there habits and its like riding i bike you wont forget but there habits change with the weather and it changes every year

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December till season end's

December till season end's January 23rd has been best time here for me...Hope'n with this cool weather we got this weekend it'll stir'em up...maybe a pre rut...been dead so far....Mid December till it end's i try to be out there as much as possible....

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The last two weeks of

The last two weeks of December are usually the toughest for us as far as shooting good bucks. We're still seeing the little, 11/2 year old bucks that time of year, but the mature bucks only surface when a doe comes back into heat during the second rut.
Don't get me wrong, there are maturebucks killed during this time, but most of the deer we shoot are does. Everybody tries to make it to hunt so we have a big crowd.
All the guys together, deer burgers and/or deer bites on the grill and a cold beer, that's what makes hunting camp special. A good time to be had by all.
Update: my buddy just shot a nice cull buck a few minutes ago. I'm getting down to see if he needs help. That's usually what we try to do in December. We try to figure out the bucks we want culled. We discuss the bucks we think we need to shoot and someone who hasn't shot that many deer will get first pick of the stand he wants to hunt. It's a group effort which makes itore enjoyable.

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