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December 2010 BGH Grand Slam Challenge Winners List!

We are pleased to announce the sixth and final round of winners for December 2010!!

Thank you again to Vanguard for their generous contributions to this last surprise round of the Grand Slam Challenge Contest!

This has been a fun and exciting 6 months. We hope all our members enjoyed the competition as well as all the wonderful stories, tips and photos that were shared. We all learned a lot and even had some laughs along the way. We of course plan on offering a second annual Grand Slam Challenge in 2011! So stay tuned for dates and prizes.

1st Place : 300 Remington Ultra Mag, Model 700 XCR Rifle - $1,199.00
Vanguard Spirit ED Binoculars - $299.00
Total Value - $1,498.00
Winner is: jim boyd Points: 119,084

2nd & 3rd Place : Vanguard Endeavor ED 1045 Binoculars - $399.00/each
Winners are:
groovy mike Points: 113,287
Tndeerhunter Points: 105,657

4th Place : Vanguard Signature Plus 661 Spotting Scope - $299.00
Winner is: jaybe Points: 96,755

5th Place : Vanguard Alta+ 233 AO Tripod - $109.99
Winner is: hawkeye270 Points: 72,943

6th Place : Vanguard Quest T62 Shooting Stick - $79.99
Winner is: jonesklan71 Points: 51,569

7th Place : Vanguard PRO M62 Shooting Stick - $49.99
Winner is: Ca_Vermonster Points: 46,656

8th-10th Place : Big Wyoming Knife - $31.80/each
Winners are:
GooseHunter Jr Points: 25,052
ecubackpacker Points: 24,444
Critter Points: 22,905

Congrats to all winners! Please PM moderator or admin with your full name and mailing address.

After you receive your prize, it would be great if you could submit a photo of yourself with your prize to the photo gallery. Let us know when you post and we'll link up the photos in this winners post!

Links to previous Grand Slam Challenge Contest pages with winners:
July through November, 2010
December 2010

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Thank you!

Thank you BGH and Vanguard!  Congrats to all the winners and good job to all of you.  Thank you too for welcoming me to the site. 

It has been a real pleasure getting to know all of you through your posts and stories.  Mike

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Thank You!

To the BGH Administrator and Moderators, and especially to Vanguard:

Thank You very much for the opportunity to participate in this great contest and win this great prize!

You may know from my stories and posts that I am planning my first Mule Deer hunt in Wyoming next Fall, and I was going to borrow a spotting scope from a friend.

Now, I have my own quality scope to use on this hunt as well as many others to follow.

I have told some friends about this site and the wonderful prizes offered in this contest and all they can say is, "Wow!"

Thank You!


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I'd like to echo the sentiments already expressed and also give my personal thanks to both the BGH site and family and also to Vanguard for supplying some outstanding prizes. I'd like to congratulate all who have won along with those who (hopefully) enjoyed the posts that all the members wrote this past month. After all, that is the point of this site! Thumbs up  

I wish all a Happy New Year and continued success in their lives and of course, their Big Game Hunts!!

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Echoing everyone else, thank

Echoing everyone else, thank you to Vanguard and to BGH for what they have done not only this month, but for the past 6 months.  Hopefully all of the newer people will stick around and continue to contribute to the best hunting site on the web!!!!!!

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I just re-read the post, and

I just re-read the post, and see there will be another competition.  Guess I actually better start killing something to get some stories built up!!!! lol

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Folks, I stand in awe of


I stand in awe of BGH.

Where else can you find this type of information assembled for hunters to glean knowledge from - AND - have a chance to win prizes?

I have said this before - I am simply stunned at not only the generosity of BGH (and now Vanguard also) but also by the efforts they have put into running the contests...

This was an incredible several months - and December was a very tight month as it relates to competitors.

I did not read the rules carefully and thought I had blown the month about mid way through.

We had Ed - a very talented writer with a vast knowledge of firearms and a great set of stories to tell. I think, short of what was a family vacation that pulled him from the pc for several days, we would have had a different winner in December.

Then came Mike... what a relentless attack he made late in the month. He was a machine and it was every day that I found myself looking over my shoulder (heck, I could hear the footsteps) as he went all out...

Ahh, now we find Jerry - who told the most wonderful stories - full of humility and family - I think I liked his stories the best.

Hawkeye writes with the most style, I think... I am not sure what happened to him late - but we did not hear from him as the month approached the end. His tales of hutning in the west - which are often VERY successful - were the starting point for me to want to go out west and hunt. I do beleive a literary career could by had by him.

JonesKlan - another writer with great family stories... he was very aggressive early on and I wonder if his military duties did not pull him away from the contest late. I salute all of our soldier members...

Then came CA-V... our west coast correspondent! I remain hopeful that we can connect on a Colorado hunt in the near future.

There were three other winners... each will get that great Big Wyoming knife... looks like a super tool.

Groovy Mike (who really is groovy) mentioned the friendships that we have started on the forum... I do think that is key... we have learned from each other and have also been inspired to work hard as part of the competition.

BigGameHunt is the premier hunting website on the net - I do not see how anyone could debate that. Contests notwithstanding - just look at the plethora of knowledge that can be gained on the site.

A great big THANK YOU to BGH and to all competitors!!!


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Thanks Again

Jim -

  As usual, you are at a loss for words. Yes

  Thanks for your great summary of the December contest and your kind words.

  This site reminds me a lot of a fishing site that I am on in Michigan; lots of guys and a few gals who fish the Saginaw Bay and its tributaries.

  Kind of a tight group - AND - we get a chance to see each other from time to time as we meet on the water or participate in some sort of event.

  This morning I posted there for the first time in a while and explained why I was "gone" during December - I was spending all my free time over here.

  I told them about the contest and the prize I won, and they were all flabbergasted about the generosity of the site and its sponsors.

  It is an UNsponsored site by design, so we won't be doing anything like BGH, but we do get involved in some community events and charitable causes. This summer (June) we will be sponsoring a "Walleyes for Warriors" at the Bay City Memorial Park.

  Soldiers will be hosted by various members to a day on the Bay for walleye fishing at its best (hopefully), and then a fish fry in the evening.

  I'm looking forward to that.

  I salute all the veterans of the past and our warriors of the armed forces today for keeping us free.

 Thanks again to this site and its sponsors! Thumbs up

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Hey everybody! Just got back

Hey everybody! Just got back from my backpacking trip and boy was it a cold one. It was a blast but it obviously took its toll on my chances of climbing the leader board. Congratulations to all of you and especially to Jim... that rifle is going to be awesome!

Thanks to BGH and Vanguard.

And since I was gone... Merry Christmas and Happy New Years everybody!

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This appears to be a great

This appears to be a great knife...cannot wait until antelope seaon to give it a try!!

100_2706.JPG47.85 KB
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I have read great things

I have read great things about those knives - if you are dressing big game animals, it looks like the absolute tool to have!

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