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Dead Big Bull Elk Video Footage (Poached)???

Big bull elk found dead. I was glassing on a ridge looking for a spike or cow elk when i discovered this guy laying dead in the middle of the valley. I spotted him probably around 4000 yards out! He was way down there. I thought he might have been poached or an archery hunter had shot him and not been able to find him. So i went down and called Utah fish and game. They came up and inspected the Elk with a fine tooth comb. They took a metal detector and went all around the body. I was really impressed. But when it was all said and done they said that the cause of death was inconclusive. Which basically means that a bear or courgar probably got him. Anyways cool thing is i might get to keep the antlers. My spike elk hunt could turn into a nice bull hangin on the wall!! Check out the youtube video!

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